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The copy below was used for a 30-second radio ad which I later revised for a TV ad. The client, best known globally for its pork tocino, wanted to highlight their then-new product, boneless chicken tocino, and target non-pork eating Filipinos from the ABC market of any age WITHOUT disparaging or sacrificing their leading pork tocino product.

Apart from increasing product awareness in the Luzon and Southern Tagalog region, the goal was to emphasize flavor qualities (so that radio listeners can imagine the taste and experience of eating the new tocino), as well as product convenience, accessibility and affordability. I also sent in a sample voice recording, collaborated with the client in choosing the voice talent and provided detailed, suggested directions for the TV production crew.

Ad copy begins here:

What’s another best way to enjoy your Favorite tocino?

Pampanga’s Best (Boneless) Chicken Tocino!

Tender and sweet, delicious caramel taste you love

Just the way you like your Favorite tocino.

No need to boil! Just fry in (7) minutes!


Walang salitre. Only pure tocino goodness.

Pampanga’s Best (Boneless) Chicken Tocino

Always the best from Pampanga’s Best!

Available at supermarkets and stores near you.


*Tocino means bacon or cured pork in Spanish. In the Philippines where tocino is integral to our food culture, it has become acceptable to refer to any type of “sweet meat” as tocino. Pindang is Capampangan for cured meat. In this case, it is safe to conclude that chicken tocino is pindang manuk.

While I make my own chicken (or pork) tocino at home by marinating the meat in pineapple juice, sugar and salt for a few hours before cooking, this one also works:

My Best Tocino Alternative:

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