Foodie Postcard Collection

Finally found the perfect header image for my website. I made a photo collage out of my foodie postcards collected through the years from dear friends all over the world.  The ones from the Philippines I bought from the local bookstores. Unfortunately, I no longer see these types of vintage postcards where I used to buy them. The guyabano (soursop) painting by Greg Bolanos is a treasured favorite because it reminds me of my childhood and my late mom’s fruit trees in our home garden in Pampanga. These colorful souvenirs represent what this website is all about – culinary tourism, culture, cuisine, cooking and everything that I love! But most of all, these images remind me of friendships and the boundless connections we make through food and eating.


About Xtin

provides food-focused custom services from copywriting, tour events, workshops, R&D, demos and more.
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