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BEST FOOD FORWARD 2014 KEWPIE DEMO christine nunag

I have expanded my kitchen work from doing product application research and recipe development to public cooking demonstrations. This is also part of my personal advocacy to share some classic Kapampangan cooking techniques using contemporary food products with busy home makers, as well as to teach young cooks how to prepare easy, tastier everyday Filipino meals. For this particular demo for Kewpie and this year’s Best Food Forward Benefit Food Fair, direct feedback from Kewpie Corporation’s Japanese principal/representative, Mr. Nobuhito Nakajima,  include sponsor’s  appreciation for product descriptors used, and increase in booth visitors who sampled my cooking, which boosted the day’s product sales. To everyone who assisted me — from booking, research, photoshoot, shopping, rehearsals, to actual demo and all the way to post-event feedback — thank you very much. I learn every step of the way!


For more demo info, please go to this page. If you need my copywriting services to improve your product descriptors, please visit this page.

Photos by Dian Dimarucut, Dane Dimarucut and Ivyrose Tabangcura-Ramos taken at the cooking demonstration for Kewpie and Best Food Forward 2014 Benefit Food Fair, Rockwell Tent, Makati

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