Foodie Postcard Collection

Finally found the perfect header image for my website. I made a photo collage out of my foodie postcards collected through the years from dear friends all over the world.  The ones from the Philippines I bought from the local bookstores. Unfortunately, I no longer see these types of vintage postcards where I used to buy them. The guyabano (soursop) painting by Greg Bolanos is a treasured favorite because it reminds me of my childhood and my late mom’s fruit trees in our home garden in Pampanga. These colorful souvenirs represent what this website is all about – culinary tourism, culture, cuisine, cooking and everything that I love! But most of all, these images remind me of friendships and the boundless connections we make through food and eating.


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Recipe Development & Cooking Demo

BEST FOOD FORWARD 2014 KEWPIE DEMO christine nunag

I have expanded my kitchen work from doing product application research and recipe development to public cooking demonstrations. This is also part of my personal advocacy to share some classic Kapampangan cooking techniques using contemporary food products with busy home makers, as well as to teach young cooks how to prepare easy, tastier everyday Filipino meals. For this particular demo for Kewpie and this year’s Best Food Forward Benefit Food Fair, direct feedback from Kewpie Corporation’s Japanese principal/representative, Mr. Nobuhito Nakajima,  include sponsor’s  appreciation for product descriptors used, and increase in booth visitors who sampled my cooking, which boosted the day’s product sales. To everyone who assisted me — from booking, research, photoshoot, shopping, rehearsals, to actual demo and all the way to post-event feedback — thank you very much. I learn every step of the way!


For more demo info, please go to this page. If you need my copywriting services to improve your product descriptors, please visit this page.

Photos by Dian Dimarucut, Dane Dimarucut and Ivyrose Tabangcura-Ramos taken at the cooking demonstration for Kewpie and Best Food Forward 2014 Benefit Food Fair, Rockwell Tent, Makati

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International Tour & Local Concepts

International culinary tour: MACAU, F&B World Jan-Feb 2007

Contemporary Manila: MOMO Cafe, Eastwood, Appetite Magazine Nov 2009

Fish Out of Water restaurant review
Concept restaurant inspired by OFWs: FISH OUT OF WATER, Greenbelt 5, F&B World Mar-Apr 2008

Country eating and Kapampangan culinary culture: APAG MARANGLE, Pampanga PEP April 2011

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How Did Putu Lasun Get Its Name?

While doing research on the kakanin theme for the Doreen Fernandez Food Writing Competition in 2005, I became obsessed with the search for the meaning of the name of a popular snack, putu lasun, which baffled me since childhood. The Tagalogs were straightforward in calling it putong puti. But I wondered, why would Kapampangans name a much-loved food after lasun, which means poison (as spelled and when pronounced with the wrong accent) in our native tongue? There was one unfamilar word that the rice maker kept saying to refer to the big, old steamer: lasungan. Putu lasun could be just that — steamed rice cake. My entry was late for submission but finding the answer to a nagging question made all the effort worthwhile 😀 Read more on rice cakes, bibingki and the inspiring story behind the family who led me to my peace of mind, in the March-April 2006 issue of Baking Press Magazine.

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Philippine Culinary Stories & Tourism Trends 2003-2011

Articles published in F&B World Magazine
(from Angels Publishing to Hinge-Inquirer Publications)

EL NIDO, PALAWAN: Sustaining the delicate balance between meeting human needs and caring for nature, June 2011

BOHOL (before the great earthquake): Bound for Boom, March-April 2010
From point-and-cook, familiar territory, carabao country to floating food

PAMPANGA: A delicious peek at how my home province lives up to its reputation as the country’s culinary capital, January-February 2009

TAGAYTAY: Slow travel & the boutique trend, March-April 2008

CEBU: Returning to sample the culinary gems of the Queen City of the South, September-October 2006

PALAWAN: A Culinary Tour of Puerto Princesa, March-April 2006
+ my first visit to Ka Lui & conquering my fear of the tamilok (mangrove woodworm)

QUEZON: A Culinary Tour of Lucban, March-April 2005
+ a curious encounter with a native dish called Carlingga

DAVAO: My First Taste of the City of Smiles, November-December 2003

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