Recipe R&D/Cooking Demo

How will a Kapampangan homecook work with your product to make food taste even better? How can I help you improve your customers’ overall cooking and eating experience?

I was born and raised in Pampanga, the country’s culinary capital. My curiosity in the kitchen started out at the age of 3 while I watched my late mom, Ising, prepare live kamaru (mole crickets) to be cooked as dry adobo. Growing up, I gained more inspiration from the Kapampangan women in my life — my true-blue foodie aunt Indang Mareng, my best friends’ moms, and master cooks from the country side. Thanks to 30 years of home cooking combined with over a decade of working with food, as a published culinary writer, brand copywriter, product researcher & application tester/recipe developer and gastronomic tour specialist, I understand business trends, your target market, their language and their lifestyle preferences. These are the ingredients that allow me to create recipes that highlight your product and  offer home makers and busy cooks the option to whip up time-saving, nutritiously balanced and deliciously satisfying meals, while I also effectively deliver your brand message to your target audience.

As part of my personal advocacy, I also love to teach, especially the younger set, how to cook easy, tasty and healthy everyday Filipino meals — Kapampangan style 😉

Demo photos in this post. For more information, please visit this page and the links above. For inquiries and bookings, leave a message here.

Concept photos by Limuel Dayrit


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